Bombina Bombast gives you the world premiere of Djuna Barnes one act play Three from the Earth as a final performance in the course Theatre in Theory and Practice (B) at Malmö Theatre Academy. The premiere is at Teater 23 i Malmö. With shadow play, laser effects, electroluminescent wire, modernist poetry to contemporary music, absurd comedy and magical wigs. You are guaranteed to never have seen it before.


On stage: Jerk Ohlson Westin** och Liv Kaastrup Vesterskov*
Music: Olle Markensten***
Makeup and wig art: Josefine Larsen
Director and analog projections: Stefan Stanisic*
Dramaturg and analog projections: Emma Bexell*
Translated by: Emma Bexell* och Stefan Stansic*
Documentation: Frida Sandström
Techincian: Malvina Johansson

*students at Theatre in Theory and Practice, Malmö Theatre Academy
**year two student at the Acting Department, Malmö Theatre Academy
***last year master student at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm