Photo: Marcus Thernström Florin and Mattias Thernström Florin
Potato Potato 15-16 December 
Adriana Aburto Essén takes the back stage of Potato Potato's new theatre and builds an installation together with set designer Amanda Lebert. The piece is the first work-in-progress in a series about mental illness. THIS IS NOT ME. YOU? is a performative investigation of our fear of talking about suicide. 

Every year 1 100 people commit suicide in Sweden. Only in Malmö it's one person a week. 

15 December between 19.00-21.00
16 December between 15.00-17.00

Individual starting times
Duration: 15 min
Location: Potato Potato, Rolfsgatan 5, Malmö
Tickets at Kulturcentralen (50 SEK)