Teaterns dag, Malmö 28/3 11.00-18.00
Studio A, Malmö Theatre Academy

Project Portal work-in-progress
A former police officer sells bootleg memories on the black market. When you put on the virtual reality gear, you become his costumer. If they weren't your memories before, they are now. Subjective experiences, surveillance practices and modified memories are part of the same technology in this world. Through recoding and sharing a memory it can become collective and understood by all not as if experienced first hand but truly experienced. The past is no longer past. You can get what you want, however illegal or immoral, by simply plugging in. You can replay it, relive it and share it. Is this a dystopia we’re painting? Maybe, maybe the opposite.
Bombina Bombast presents a projekt that develops storytelling through virtual reality gear. 2015 will be dedicated to exploring ways of using the Oculus Rift in performing arts contexts. Emma Bexell and Stefan Stanisic have done several projects using game structures in a theatre settings. This is their first attempt at VR after working mainly with video guides in iPads and immersive theatrical pieces.