TICKETS for 7-12 August

Last summer's success is back with 5000 m2 of thrilling horror in the old wool factory in Sågmyra, Dalarna. Our Swedish cultural heritage and history of race biology is scrutinized in an immersive performance that will be etched on your mind.

Hidden away from the public eye, research has been conducted in the old factory ever since the Swedish Institute for Racial Biology supposedly shut down sixty years ago. Now you can buy an entrance to the science's undisclosed rooms, test your senses and get an exclusive insight into the ongoing project to restore a Swedish identity.

Bombina Bombast is invited to collaborate with Falun based ScenKonstellationen for the second summer in i row to spread fear in Sågmyra, Dalarna. In Fritt lopp för de dugliga - nu ännu värre we dig deep in our fears for the unknown and our needs to categorize and screen anomalies.

"I'm impressed by how the performance inspires imagination by richness of detail, with scenography as well as the concept as a whole. All artforms prudently interact and create an evocative atmosphere [...] I'm drawn deeper into the world of horrors; the unreal is sneaking up on me. Time and space disappears; the only thing that exists now is the terrifying world inside the factory's heavy walls. I'm in a claustrophobic nightmare; a slightly surrealistic world where absurdity is a fact. A Kafkaesque anxiety dream where I'm just following the doctors in the white coats." Dalarnas Tidningar (DT)

By and with: Emma Bexell, Svante Back, Eleanora DeLoughery Nordin, Stefan Stanisic and Ida Wallfelt | Production: ScenKonstellationen och Bombina Bombast | Funded by: County Council of Dalarna.

Age restriction: 13
Price 150 SEK (excl. service fee)
Students, seniors and unemployed 125 SEK (excl. service fee)