- a VR performance by BOMBINA BOMBAST, made in collaboration with MAKROPOL 


Experience The Shared Individual: a virtual reality performance and collective
teletransportation apparatus.

The Shared Individual is a groundbreaking performance mixing film, performing arts and technological trickery with virtual reality. Bombina Bombast, together with Danish filmstudion Makropol, created a piece that lets you see the world with someone else’s eyes. Where would you like that someone to take you?

The performance begins with two performers presenting a special camera mounted on a helmet. From this apparatus a first person live-stream is fed from anyone who wears it straight into the VR-headsets worn by the 25 people in the audience. What follows is an out of body experience where nothing is seen from your usual point of view.

"Although we have been exploring the undefined space between documentary art, interactive technology and live performance since 2007, the Shared Individual was one of the most visceral and unforgettable works we ever had the pleasure to present at IDFA DocLab"
 -Caspar Sonnen, Founder and Curator of IDFA DocLab

World premiere at IDFA, Amsterdam 18/11 2016
Flatpack, Birmingham 6-7 April 2017
The Swedish Embassy, Beijing, 6 June 2017
Det Kongelige, Copenhagen 8 June 2017
Malmöfestivalen, Malmö 12 August 2017
Inkonst, Malmö 28-30/11 2017

Concept and Idea -  Bombina Bombast and Makropol
Written and directed by  Stefan Stanisic, Emma Bexell, Johan K Jensen
Produced by Mads Damsbo, Nanna M Madsen, Catrine Bek
Original cast: Emma Bexell and Johan K. Jensen
Cast replacements: Svante Back, Petra Huisman

Developed with - Inter Arts Center