The final work-in-progress in the Virtual Presence Physical Absence series was presented at the festival connected to the symposium In The Blend curated by Teatr Weimar. The symposium was about thinking in art and the Gilles Fauconnier and Mark Turner term "conceptual blending".

That Modem Generation's sixth work-in-progress was the first one which showcased the tent structures by set designer Katrine Hoffmann. The structures were modified only slightly for the final What's Left performance.

Performing: Liv Kaastrup Vesterskov, Emma Bexell, Stefan Stanisic, Petra Huisman
Videoguides filmed by: Stefan Stanisic
Scenography. Katrine Hoffmann
Hoffmann's assistants: Maria Sloth, Sofie Shou Madsen
Music/ambience: Olle Markensten
Production manager: Petra Huisman
Thank you: Janna Holmstedt for unknowingly lending us your plants

During 2013 Bombina Bombast and That Modem Generation made four public work-in-progress performances to collect research material for the What's Left production. During 2014 we made two more. With these trials we have been able to try out different ways of showing the relationship between us and our technology, between public space, theatre space and virtual reality. The finished performance premiered at Inkonst May 2014.